Software Engineering


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Our services portfolio covers all phases of information technology

We manage and implement projects from beginning to end or support our customers in individual project phases, according to the requirements.


Uskanasoft is in charge of the entire software development process: from requirements engineering and solution design and development all the way to the operation. "First time right" is the simple and yet demanding motto of Uskanasoft's software engineers. For this reason, Uskanasoft focuses on the careful planning of solution design and project implementation. Effective requirements engineering ensures from the very beginning that the architecture and design of a solution fulfil the needs and requirements of the business environment in which it is implemented.

Thanks to cutting edge, flexible development methods (RUP, Extreme Programming), in-depth knowledge of web-based systems and programming languages, such as Java, .Net, SQL, C/C++, C# and etc. as well as the application of open standards, Uskanasoft's project teams implement solutions which can be easily integrated and expanded based on their modular design, and thus provide sustainability.

Uskanasoft's solutions always combine technically proven elements with well-founded innovations. The new possibilities of information technology and close cooperation with the customer thus allow us to organize business operations efficiently and to integrate them safely in the business environment.

Web Solution

We design and build comprehensive Web solutions for Inter-, Intra- or Extranet applications. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies and tools to implement web solutions.

Our services portfolio covers all key areas: